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To be by your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is the purpose of this section of our site. Here you can download, access our commercial documents and manuals.


For installation or update of the software available for download on this page a password is required, which is available to customers with update contract or that can be purchased separately at any time.

Do not start the update process if you do not have the password.

And, always back up your entire system before updating (and make sure you know how to install the backup if necessary).
UPDATES (password is required for update)
Product Date Version Size
CDRsRetriever - Requires 64-bit Windows11/12/20231.0.1911.354.256InformaçõesDownload
FLAvoice - Full update - Requires 64-bit Windows20/05/202410.1.10750.805.971InformaçõesDownload
INFO360 Informatec - Full update15/04/20242.0.7b2404153.642.491.290InformaçõesDownload
INFO360 Informatec - Charging rules update02/10/2019861.079.695.757InformaçõesDownload
Interface FIAS15/02/20237.1.221.968.278Download
UMB Informatec (Discontinued Product - Support until December/31/2024)20/05/202410.0.18779.401.773 InformaçõesDownload
INSTALLERS (password is required for installation)
Product Date Version Size
Installer - CDRsRetriever - Requires 64-bit Windows11/12/20231.0.1929.528.519Download
Installer - FLAvoice (SIP) - Requires 64-bit Windows20/05/202410.
Installer - INFO360 Informatec15/04/20242.0.7b2404153.642.491.290Download
Installer - Interface FIAS15/02/20237.1.227.335.687Download
Installer - Replicator for PBXControl14/02/20211.0.215.425.168Download
Installer - SrvColetorIP02/01/20191.0313.448.761Download
Installer - UMB Informatec (Khomp) - Discontinued Product - Support until December/31/202420/05/202410.
Installer - UMB Informatec (SIP) - Discontinued Product - Support until December/31/202420/05/202410.
Product Date Version Size
INFO360 Informatec - Report Catalog (in Portuguese)01/07/20161.1.911.383.029Download
INFO360 Informatec -Bills Importer Datasheet (in Portuguese)24/04/20151.01.086.499Download
INFO360 Informatec - Best Practices Manuals (in Portuguese)01/04/20161.0.0132.743Download
INFO360 Informatec - Manual de Coletas (in Portuguese)02/08/20161.1.912.097.888Download
INFO360 Informatec - Manual de Gestão por Metas (in Portuguese)02/08/20161.
INFO360 Informatec - Manual de Instalação (in Portuguese)02/08/20161.1.924.991.573Download
INFO360 Informatec - Utilities Manual (in Portuguese)02/08/20161.213.022.835Download
Product Date Version Size
FLAvoice - Atención Automática - ES - V119/04/20241244.736 Download
FLAvoice - Automated Attendance - EN - V119/04/20241261.632Download
FLAvoice - Enterprise - EN - V119/04/20241528.896 Download
FLAvoice - Empresa - ES - V119/04/20241511.488Download
FLAvoice - Hotel - EN - V119/04/20241616.960Download
FLAvoice - Hotel - ES - V119/04/20241551.424Download
Info360 - EN - V119/04/20241333.312Download
Info360 - ES - V119/04/20241277.504Download
Info360 + FLAvoice - EN - V119/04/20241750.592Download
Info360 + FLAvoice - ES - V119/04/20241657.920Download
Satisfaction Survey IVR - EN - V119/04/20241276.480Download
IVR de Encuesta de Satisfacción - ES - V119/04/20241259.584 Download
Product Date Version Size
INFO360 - Installation (in Portuguese)01/02/20161.0399.425Download
INFO360 - Maintenance (in Portuguese)01/02/20161.0404.421Download
INFO360 - Operation (in Portuguese)25/11/20161.1174.537Download
INFO360 - Infrastructure for on-premises training (in Portuguese)06/05/20161.0145.352Download
UMB Hotel - Operation (in Portuguese)01/02/20161.0335.102Download
Product Date Version Size
FLAvoice - Quick Guide - License Activation (PT)11/11/20161.02.236.924Download
FLAvoice - Quick Guide - License Deactivation (PT)11/11/20161.01.193.987Download
FLAvoice - Quick Guide - License Expansion (PT)11/11/20161.02.241.436Download
FLAvoice - Quick Guide - License Transfer (PT)11/11/20161.02.917.423Download
INFO360 Informatec - Quick Guide - License Activation (PT)26/10/20161.02.437.451Download
INFO360 Informatec - Quick Guide - License Deactivation (PT)26/10/20161.01.345.792Download
INFO360 Informatec - Quick Guide - License Expansion (PT)26/10/20161.02.574.773Download
INFO360 Informatec - Quick Guide - License Transfer (PT)26/10/20161.03.078.004Download
PBXControl Informatec - Quick Guide - Installation and Configuration (PT)21/12/20171.02.750.192Download
Product Date Version Size
Concierge - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.305/10/20231.0.014.379.631Download
Wake-Up - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.305/10/20231.0.04.540.891Download
Concierge Messages - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.305/10/20231.0.014.782.195Download
PMS (for Avaya Vantage™) - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.305/10/20231.0.18.839.560Download
PMS (for Grandstream GXV3370™) - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.305/10/20231.0.18.839.553Download