More than just a specialist, we are your partner
Innovation and partnership are the two words that sum up the company. Informatec does more than simply develop products, it offers complete Accounting Systems for PABXs, Voice and Fax Systems to companies within and outside the hotel industry.

We believe that, in addition to creating, developing commercializing and installing our products, we need to be by your side to ensure you get the support you need.

We have been investing in this philosophy since 1992, to great effect, especially for our customers.

Making the difference
It all starts with software and hardware. Everything is made by Informatec from concept, through development, to production. This is why our professionals have full dominion of each of the tools that, at the end of the day, allow us to offer fast and efficient solutions.

What are the results?
  • Our call accounting is up to date and encompassing
  • Our call accounting systems can serve the most complex demands, controlling billing for anything from a single PBX to groups of thousands, simultaneously
  • Our CDR buffers are robust, reliable and versatile
  • Our voice and fax systems are the standard for Brazil's hotel industry, meeting the needs of the most demanding hotels and their guests

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