UMB Informatec Software
The UMB Informatec software provides real 6 in 1 functionality: answering calls, presenting an options menu, directing calls, recording voice messages and sending and receiving faxes.

Plus, there is no limit to the number of voicemail or fax inboxes.

Audio files can be changed at any time using the menu options, thus eliminating the need for hiring specialized support staff.

The software is multilingual with different accents, and comes with the following::
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
Additional languages and/or accents can be purchased separately.

Typical Usage
Automatic answering allows callers to enter the extension for the person they wish to speak to, enter an option from the menu, or wait to be automatically transferred to the company’s reception

Automatic Answering allows for different menus for each voice channel, whether that is for simple, 1-level navigation or multiple navigation through sub-levels, which means that a single product can serve the needs of more than one company.

Calls not answered at the extension can be automatically routed to other extensions or the voicemail of the destination extension

There is no limit to the number of personal greetings users can have, and they can choose different ones for different times of day or dates. In other words, users are free to simply and conveniently choose the right personal greeting when they need to travel or are otherwise away from the office.

Users can be advised of new messages (voice and/or fax) in their voicemail in a variety of ways:
  • a Message Waiting Indicator on their telephone
  • their extension can ring
  • call to their cellular phone
  • by email, with the voice/fax message attached
Faxes received through UMB Informatec are automatically converted to files and stored in users’ voicemails. There is also the option of having them print automatically on a network printer.

Sending faxes is fast and simple, which users can do on their computer, without having to print the document to be sent.

PBX Connection
Connection to the PBX can be done through SIP extensions or FXO interfaces (for voice), and through conventional PC modems (for faxes).

The software supports up to 40 voice channels and up to 12 fax channels simultaneously.

Module Availability
The software is modular, which means that you only pay for what you really need.

Please contact us before purchasing your product as some features are dependent on the PBX model.

Main Characteristics

Compatible PBXs
Automated AttendantVoice and Fax Connections to the PBXFax MailVoice MailIntegration with E-mailAutomated MaintenanceSecurity ModuleMonitoring via NetworkMulti-language and Multi-accentMusic-On-HoldProgramming via E-mailMinimum System RequirementsRequirements of PBXFax ServerPre-paid TelephonyVirtualization
Automated Attendant
  • Answers incoming calls
  • Presents options menu and allows the apartment (or extension) to which one wished to talk to to be chosen.
  • In case that the chosen extension (or apartment) already has a direct number, tells the caller that it can be reached directly the next time.
  • Fornece estatísticas sobre a quantidade de ligações escolhidas e número de vezes que um ramal (ou opção de menu) foi escolhido.
  • Provides statistics on the number of calls received and the number of times an extension (or menu option) was chosen.
  • Accepts pulse (decadic) and tone (MF) dialings.