Info360 Cloud

We are your technological partner supplying, via Informatec cloud, all software and hardware infrastructure so that your company can provide rate services to your clients-finalists.
The call accounting system is hosted by Informatec's servers, which are always kept running and up to date.

The PBXs' CDRs are collected using our systems and then made available directly at your accounting terminal. We also rent the InfoBuffer360 Informatec to capture your tickets. And, should a ticket collection issue arise, you will receive an automatic alert.

The accounting terminal is operated exclusively by your team, after being duly trained by us and with access to our Support Department for answering questions and resolving problems.

This allows your company to focus its efforts on what really matters: your business.

This service allows you to count on all the facilities of the Info360 Informatec call accounting system, including the more than 200 reports that can be generated, the importing of cellular telephone accounts, call lists, etc..

Data analysis brings added value for your company and end clients, reducing costs and optimizing telephony and data investments.

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