Pre-Paid IVR
The Informatec Prepaid IVR allows PBX users to make their calls while they have sufficient credits.

The operating mode is quite simple and intuitive:
  • The PBX is configured so that access to the external line is always routed to the Prepaid IVR.
  • When the user accesses the PBX to make a call, it is answered by the Pre-Paid IVR requesting its access code.
  • Once the access code is validated, the Pre-paid IVR asks the user to enter the number to be called.
  • If the user has sufficient credits, the Pre-Paid IVR informs the maximum allowed talking time and completes the call.
  • If the user runs out of credits during the call, the Prepaid IVR automatically terminates the call.
  • At the end of the call, user's credit balance is updated.

  • Links controlled by credit balance The Informatec Pre-Paid IVR ensures that telephone calls are maintained only as long as there is credit to the user. So, the moment the credits expire, the connection that is in progress will be automatically disconnected.

    Credit Control The Informatec Pre-Paid IVR has an interface for defining and controlling user credits, including issuing specific reports on each user's calls with description and value.

    User-definable phone charges Telephone rates can be defined at any time, including differentiated rate for each user.

    Period for free calls The Informatec Pre-Paid IVR may be configured so that calls with a duration below a determined limit do not get charged. Thus, for example, it can be defined that users can talk for free for up to 20 seconds, and will only be charged after this time.

    Limitation of numbers called There are situations where it is desirable that the user can only make calls to specific phone numbers. For this reason, Informatec Pre-Paid IVR contains a mechanism for registering lists of permitted telephone numbers per user.

    Limitation on the duration of the telephone call In addition to credit control, Informatec Pre-Paid IVR allows maximum time for each telephone call to be set for each user.

    Computer requirements
    • Intel Core i7 or superior
    • 4 GB RAM or more
    • Windows 10 Pro , Windows Server 2019 or 2016 or 2012, 64 bits
    • HD 200 GB SATA 7200 RPM or superior
    • Network interface 10/100 or superior
    PBX requirements
    • connection via SIP (TCP or UDP) or analog extensions
    Supported analog extensions interfaces
    • Khomp