Hospitality Solution for PBX
UMB Hotel Informatec is a software solution with many functionalities: call accounting, answering calls, presenting an options menu, directing calls, recording voice messages and sending and receiving faxes, all with the special touch of options created specifically for the hospitality industry like Wake-up, Minibar, Room Status, Weather Forecast, Alert & Evacuation etc. and, of course, integration with main PMS softwares used by hotels worldwide.

The current version is compatible with more than 300 PBX models and more than 70 models of PMS worldwide.

See here the presentation of the software in English.

If you are a reseller, get your online quotation.

Some features may depend on the PBX model and/or the PMS model. Therefore, we recommend that you consult us to find out about the availability of the features that interest you.

Monitoring and alarms via SNMP (SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and Secure SNMPv3)
 NEW  Via SNMP you can monitor the main parameters of UMB Hotel Informatec, as well as be automatically informed about anomalies in the system.

Faster PBX programming
 NEW  The new PBX programming interface (for guest check-in and check-out) is now up to 50 times faster.

Room Disinfection Monitoring
 NEW  The software automatically notifies the guest whenever their room has been disinfected.

Embedded Call Accounting
 NEW  The software provides embedded call accounting for all extensions (including administrative and guests' extensions), integrated with the PMS, without the need of installing any external call accounting software. In addition to reducing computer requirements, the entire setup becomes much simpler.

Unlimited number of simultaneous voice channels
The solution may contain as many simultaneous voice channels as needed to cater for hotels of all sizes.

Support to extensions with up to 20 digits
UMB Hotel Informatec software supports up to 20-digit user extensions, which is critical when used by cloud PBX providers.

Alert about Emergency Calls (Keri's Law)
UMB Hotel Informatec software can monitor if any call to an emergency number has been made and sends alarms via phone, e-mail and printer.

UMB Hotel Informatec can be used by cloud-based PABX providers, serving multiple end-users at the same time, including integration with PMSs in the hotels. And there is no limit to the number of tenants.

Take My Tray
Once a guest has completed their meal, they simply dial a number on the telephone to automatically notify hotel staff their tray is ready for retrieval. Our intuitive dashboard, accessible any web browser, displays tray location and status.

Apps for mobile and desk phones
Informatec has developed a series of apps for desktops and mobile phones that facilitate and extend the use of UMB Hotel Informatec.

You provide the computer
Software UMB Hotel Informatec requires a single computer with Windows: so you do not need to purchase a computer for each software!

And ... there is no limit to the number of voicemail or fax inboxes.

Audio files can be changed at any time using the menu options, thus eliminating the need for hiring specialized support staff.

The software is multilingual with different accents, and comes with the following::
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
Additional languages and/or accents can be purchased separately.

Typical Usage
Automatic answering allows callers to enter the extension for the person they wish to speak to, enter an option from the menu, or wait to be automatically transferred to the company’s reception

Automatic Answering allows for different menus for each voice channel, whether that is for simple, 1-level navigation or multiple navigation through sub-levels, which means that a single product can serve the needs of more than one company.

Calls not answered at the extension can be automatically routed to other extensions or the voicemail of the destination extension

There is no limit to the number of personal greetings users can have, and they can choose different ones for different times of day or dates. In other words, users are free to simply and conveniently choose the right personal greeting when they need to travel or are otherwise away from the office.

Users can be advised of new messages (voice and/or fax) in their voicemail in a variety of ways:
  • a Message Waiting Indicator on their telephone
  • their extension can ring
  • call to their cellular phone
  • by email, with the voice/fax message attached
Faxes received are automatically converted to files and stored in users’ voicemails. There is also the option of having them print automatically on a network printer.

Sending faxes is fast and simple, which users can do on their computer, without having to print the document to be sent.

There is also a wide variety of hotel features, all multi-languages, including:
  • Automatic wake-up with alarms and reports on the failure, able to sustain high demand, able to sustain high demand. Unlike other systems that simply ring the phone, a custom wake-up greeting is played when the guest answers, and current time and weather forecast may be presented. This greeting can be changed daily if desired. Guests can even specify snooze after the initial wake-up call.
  • Room status with voice feedback
  • Minibar with voice feedback
  • Weather forecast
  • Alert and Evacuation via the telephone/li>
  • Unlock extensions at check-in.
  • Blocking extensions at check-out
  • Integration with PMS using a single interface
  • etc.
Call accounting accepts charging rules defined by the Hotel itself as well as implements the official rules of the telephone companies. In this way, not only the calls of the guests are charged and sent to the PMS, but also the administrative extensions of the hotel become priced.

Free apps for desk phones
2 free aps are provided for desk phones (consult us about currently supported models):
  • PMS: indicated for hotels that do not have PMS, allowing communication between PMS, UMB Informatec and the PABX, being able to provide the facilities of Check-in, Check-Out, Room Transfer, Do Not Disturb in the PBX and Call Accounting Reports.
  • App_PMS_EN
  • Wake-Up Call: indicated for hotels that do not have PMS or whose PMS does not have a Wake-Up interface, and can provide the facilities of Turning on/off a guest's wake-up call, Turning on/off a group wake-up call and Wake-up calls Reports.
  • App_PMS_PT

PMS Integration
Software can be integrated with the main PMS on the market, including:
  • Acigrup PMS Hotel ACIHOTEL
  • Agilysys rGuest Stay
  • Agilysys Visual One
  • APP Sistemas
  • ASI FrontDesk
  • AutoClerk MyHMS
  • Bematech CMNet Hotal Full (MS SQL Server)
  • Bematech CMNet Hotal Full (Oracle)
  • Bematech CMNet Hotal Full (web service)
  • Booking Center MyPMS
  • Carsoft
  • Cenium PMS
  • CheckIn Nethotel
  • Cimso Innkeeper
  • Club Intrawest RCC
  • CMNet (MS SQL Server)
  • CMNet (Oracle)
  • CommControl
  • Consolidated Resorts Cornerstone
  • Desbravador
  • Engenho
  • Execu/Tech Systems HOTEL Premium
  • FOLS
  • FrontVilla
  • Guestline Guestline
  • Guestline RezLynx
  • Host PMS
  • Hotel Software Systems (HSS) FrontClerk 2000
  • Hotelogix PMS
  • HTNG
  • Hyatt Vacation Ownership
  • iHotelligence
  • IndexSys
  • Infor HMS
  • Infor Starlight
  • InHotel
  • INNClient Server System (ICSS) ATRIUM
  • INNfinity Hospitality Systems INNfinity
  • INNfinity Hospitality Systems INNfinity Lite
  • innRoad
  • Integra InHotel
  • Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  • IQware
  • LogiSoft Computer Systems LogiSoft PHMS (Positive Hotel Management System)
  • Maestro PMS
  • MAiS Information Systems Fidelity
  • Micros Fidelio
  • Millenium Soft Othello
  • MultiSystems MSI CloudPM
  • Newhotel Cloud PMS
  • Newhotel PMS
  • Nortel Meridian 1 PMSI
  • OCL Volux
  • ONETECH Solution
  • OnQ RS232C
  • Opera Cloud PMS
  • Opera PMS
  • PC Systems
  • pHoTon
  • Pueblo Bonito
  • QuoHotel
  • ResortSuite
  • RezStream RezStream Professional
  • RMS
  • RSI International RoomKey Express
  • RSI International RoomKey
  • Sabre Hospitality Solutions SynXis Property Manager
  • SAHM
  • Simple Hotel
  • Skyware Systems
  • Softbrands
  • SpringerMiller Systems ATRIO
  • StayNTouch Rover
  • Synergex International Corporation RCC
  • Systems Products International SPI Win
  • TCA Innsist
  • Totvs
  • Ventana
  • Wyndham Vacation Ownership Focus
In case your PMS is not listed above please contact Informatec: all new integrations are made free of charge.

Operation also without PMS
If the hotel does not have PMS, Informatec provides an application for free to specify check-in, check-out and room moves.

PBX Connection
Connection to the PBX can be done through SIP extensions or FXO interfaces (for voice), and through conventional PC modems (for faxes).

Module Availability
The software is modular, which means that you only pay for what you really need.

Please contact us before purchasing your product as some features are dependent on the PBX model.

Third-party software installation
UMB Hotel Informatec has been tested and certified by Informatec to be used exclusively with softwares pre-installed by Informatec.

One should not install third-party software not approved by Informatec at risk of system failure.

Main Characteristics

Compatible PBXs
Alert & EvacuationAutomated AttendantRemote Updates and ExpansionsAudio TextExpress Check-out via TelephoneAutomatic Configuration via InternetVoice and Fax Connections to the PBXFax MailVoice MailAutomatic Wake-UpContext-sensitive Multi-language DocumentationRoom StatusTimeIntegration with E-mailIntegration with PMSTake My TrayAutomated MaintenanceMinibarSecurity ModuleMonitoring via NetworkMulti-language and Multi-accentMusic-On-HoldWeather ForecastProgramming via E-mailPBX ProgrammingExpress Recovery via CloudRedundancy in SIP ConnectionsRequirements of PBXMinimum System RequirementsFax ServerInternet BillingEmbedded Call AccountingPre-paid TelephonyTelemonitoringMulti-countries Version
Alert & Evacuation
  • Enables automatic warning alerts and evacuation instructions, by telephone, by sending pre-recorded messages.
  • Messages can be recorded by the hotel at any time.