InfoBuffer360 Informatec
Designed and manufactured by Informatec, InfoBuffer360 Informatec is a buffer for reception of CDRs from PBXs, that can receive CDRs via TCP/IP or serial (RS-232C) interfaces, and send them to the call accounting softwares via TCP/IP or serial (RS-232C) interfaces.

Data storage technology uses lossless compression and solid-state memory. Typically the buffer stores approximately 100 million CDRs.

All settings are performed remotely, with no need of local configuration.

Optionally, information can also be collected on the temperature of the location where InfoBuffer360 Informatec is installed so reports and automatic alarms can be generated.

Due to multiple input interfaces and protocols, CDRs emitted by virtually any PBX can be received.

Typical Usage
Reception of data stored in the buffer is generally started by the call accounting software, via SFTP.

But, for occasions when the buffer is not visible to the remote software (generally due to network security policy) it simply compresses its data (with cryptography) and sends the compressed file as an e-mail attachment to the remote call accounting software.

And, InfoBuffer360 Informatec can even be used as online buffer, typically in hospitality environment, receiveing data via serial port and sending them in real time via serual port to a lcal call acccounting software, storing them only while the computer is unable to receive them in real time.

Technical Characteristics

CDRs StoragePowerConsumptionDimensions and WeightCaseMTBFCommunication portsProtocols for reception of CDRsProtocols for sending stored data
CDRs Storage
  • Type: non-volatile, solid state memory
  • Capacity: 100 million non-destructive format tickets (presuming a ticket size of 256 bytes each)