Info360 Informatec

A Call Manageament Solution, including call accounting that also allows for prepaid accounts importing, providing improved telecommunications results: cost savings, registration organization, high visibility and easy information sharing. SEE MORE

DUO Hotel Informatec

Software solution for hotels that prefer to provide their own computer, which includes embedded Hospitality Call Accounting + UMB Hotel Informatec, integrated to the major hospitality PMSs. SEE MORE

Call Management for Cloud PBX providers & Telcos

Comprehensive Call Management system, including call accounting and invoice system for cloud PBX providers and Telcos, including web access for subscribers. SEE MORE

Apps for mobile and desk phones

Office and hotel phones are much more useful with Informatec apps. SEE MORE

Centralized Call Accounting for Hotels

With just one call accounting solution you control the telephone expenses of your you hotels, with automatic posting to the main PMSs. SEE MORE

Take My Tray

Guests do not like dirty trays in the apartments. But the corridor is not their place either. Now hotels can easily manage trays' retrievals. SEE MORE

CDRs collection for Telcos

Get CDRs generated by PBXs and Gateways, centrally and reliably, and store them on elational databases for post-processing. SEE MORE

UMB Hotel Informatec

Aimed at hotels, this software provides Automatic Attendance, Voice and Fax Mail, Wake-Up, Minibar, Room Status, Weather Forecast, Alert & Evacuation, Embedded Call Accounting, PMS Integration and many othe features. SEE MORE

Voice Mail and Automated Attendance

Aimed at companies, this software provides automatic call answering, offers menu options, transfers calls, records voice messages and sends and receives faxes, with no limit on the number of voicemail inboxes. SEE MORE

PCDUO Hotel Informatec

Turn-key solution that already includes all softwares and hardwares necessary to provide the features of Telephone Call Accounting + Hotel Solution Informatec: just plug in, set up and use. SEE MORE

CDR buffers

Buffer for ticket collection and storage for billing issued by PBXs. With multiple inputs, is compatible with the majority of PBXs available in the market. SEE MORE

Voice Polling

Via telephone, do opinion surveys automatically. SEE MORE

Satisfaction Survey IVR

With Satisfaction Survey IVR you can evaluate the service of your contact center. SEE MORE

Pre-Paid IVR

Allows PBX users to make prepaid calls, and terminates the connection automatically by the time the credits run out. SEE MORE